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Snoring Devices and Sleep Apnea Devices in Mississauga

Do you repeatedly snore at night? Do you wake up frequently with difficulty breathing? You might be a chronic snorer or suffer from sleep apnea. A lack of sleep can affect your mood and overall health and negatively impact your relationships. At Turtle Creek Dental, we offer solutions to help you sleep better and feel great. If you’d like to get a good night’s sleep, ask us about your dental appliance options.

What is the Cause of Snoring?

When you sleep and progress from a light to deep slumber, the muscles in the roof of your mouth, tongue, and throat relax. If they relax far enough to partially block your airway, they vibrate with your breathing and cause a snoring sound. A number of factors can cause snoring, including allergies, a cold, your weight, alcohol consumption, or the anatomy of your mouth and sinuses. Thanks to innovative dental technology, there are non-invasive dental appliances that can correct the position of the jaw to alleviate snoring for individuals with mouth or sinus alignment issues.

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How Does an Oral Appliance Work?

Oral appliances are non-invasive instruments that fit inside the mouth to reposition the jaw while sleeping, alleviating the airway to prevent snoring and mild to moderate cases of sleep apnea. Dental appliances are portable and don’t require a power source, making them convenient for at-home use and while travelling. At Turtle Creek Dental, we offer custom-fitted oral appliances for maximum comfort.

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