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Dental Fillings in Mississauga

A filling is most often used as a treatment for cavities. To place a filling, our dentist will remove the decayed portion of the tooth, then filling the empty area with a bonding material to restore the tooth to its natural size and shape. There are two strong bonding materials often used in fillings: Amalgam (silver-coloured) and composite (natural tooth shades). The location in your mouth and the extent of the decay will determine the type of material best suited for the filling. We also look at the cost and any potential insurance coverage to help you determine the option best suited for your needs.

How to Prevent Cavities

The best way to prevent cavities from occurring and requiring a filling is to practice good oral hygiene. We always recommend brushing at least twice a day and flossing daily. Regular dental hygiene appointments and oral exams should be scheduled for both adults and children. Our experienced dentists and dental hygienists can help teach children how to take good care of their teeth at home.

Signs That You Might Have a Cavity

Cavities and tooth decay are the most common oral health problems in Canada. Anyone who has teeth can get cavities (including infants), but they are most common in children, teenagers, and older adults. Signs that you may have a cavity include toothaches (spontaneous or sustained), tooth sensitivity, sharp pain as a result of drinking or eating something cold, hot, or sweet, visible holes or pits in teeth, brown, black, or white stains on the surface of the teeth, or pain when biting down. If you notice any of these symptoms, schedule an appointment with our dental clinic as soon as possible.

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